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Manjimup – The Town of Produce

The wooden arch at the entrance to the town of Manjimup.

Welcome to Manjimup and the Southern Forest Region

Western Australia is truly the greatest part of the country, featuring the most diverse scenery including pristine rivers, amazing coastlines and historically significant forests.

One of the best ways to explore the Southern Forests Region is by car, with the region being a 3 hour drive from Perth.

What’s hot in the Southern Forest?

There are 4 major towns in the South Forest Region, all of which offer their own unique charm:

  • Walpole: A cozy town that offers plenty of swimming, boating, sailing and fishing opportunities. Known for the Valley of The Giants, a Red Tingle (Eucalyptus Jacksonii) forest that is home to a small population of Quokkas.
  • Northcliffe: Surrounded by forests, Northcliffe is the gateway to the D'Entrecasteaux National Park and several amazing beaches, including the Pebbley, Warren and Yeagerup Beaches.
  • Pemberton: A historical timber mill town and also home to the worlds tallest fire lookout tree, the Gloucester Tree, Pemberton is the town known for its tall timbers.
  • Manjimup: Home to Tyrepower Manjimup and the ‘Pink Lady’ apple, the region is known for its fresh produce, karri forests and thriving farmland.

Drone photo of Yeagarup Beach in Western Australia.Enjoy large, wide open beaches in Western Australia!

What’s worth coming to Manjimup for?

The region is chock full of amazing adventure opportunities that are suitable for people of various fitness levels and interests. Regardless of what you’re into, Manjimup can function as your base of operations for exploring the surrounding region.

Four-Wheel Driving Adventures:

The region is full of forest trails, camping grounds, sand dunes and beaches for your to explore. Some trails are 4WD only, and lowering your tyre pressure is recommended. Some of the tracks and areas are within national parts areas and so require the appropriate permit for access.

Bibbulmun Track:

The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's greatest long-distance walking trail with global recognition. While the full track is over 1000kms long, you can take short walks or longer hikes through the beautiful forests and scenic landscapes.

Karri Forest Explorer Tour:

Learn about the unique flora and fauna and marvel at the towering trees in the local Karri forests. Guided tours or self guided tours are available.

Truffle Hunting Experience:

Manjimup is famous for its truffles, and the region is the largest producer of French Black Truffles and Perigord Truffles. Between May and September, visitors to Manjimup may find themselves joining truffle hunting tour where you can search for these prized delicacies with trained truffle dogs.

Your one stop tourism destination!

Manjimup is situated right in the greatest part of WA. With a wide variety of natural features and sights to see, as well as a thriving local economy and produce to sample, it’s no wonder Manjimup is a popular place to visit whether you’re just passing through or staying for a few nights.

Tyrepower Manjimup is the towns specialty tyre and wheel workshop, catering to locals and tourists alike, they stock a wide variety of tyres at all times, and offer services to help keep your adventure going. Whether you need a free tyre safety check, a puncture repair, a balance, wheel alignment or even brake and exhaust repairs, Tyrepower Manjimup is here to help.

Contact Tyrepower Manjimup today on (08) 9771 1866 or visit their workshop at 38 Giblett Street, Manjimup.

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